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ජනාධිපතිට දෝෂාභියෝගයක් ගෙන ආ යුතු බවට දබර හිමිගෙන් ප්‍රකාශයක්

ජනාධිපති මෛත්‍රීපාල සිරිසේන මහතාට විරුද්ධව දෝෂාභියෝගයක් ගෙනැවිත් ඔහු ධුරයෙන් ඉවත් කළ යුතු බව පූජ්‍ය දඹර අමිල හිමියෝ සඳහන් කරති.

සාධාරණ සමාජයක් සඳහා වූ ජාතික ව්‍යාපාරය විසින් පැවැත්වූ මාධ්‍ය හමුවක් අමතමිනි දඹර අමිල හිමියන් තව දුරටත් සදහන් කලේ පාස්කු ඉරිදා දිනයේ බෝම්බ ප්‍රහාර එල්ල කිරීම සඳහා අවශ්‍ය සියලු ඉඩ පහසුව සලසා දී ඇත්තේ ජනාධිපතිවරයා විසින් බව උන් වහන්සේ කියා සිටියේය.

දෝෂාභියෝගයක් මගින් ජනාධිපති ධූරය අහිමි කිරීමෙන් පසුව ඔහුට විරුද්ධව එම චෝදනා යටතේ අධිකරණයේ නඩු පැවරිය යුතු බවද උන්වහන්සේ කියා සිටියහ.

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Her thunderstruck hit a heavy blow, slumped down in the car seat of tears, Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals then fainted. Finally, always caution, this is cooling fee.This is a meal fee.This is the handling fee.This is overtime pay. Masters look at the old generation and the old razor friendship Jiaxing brother face, passionate but not respectful as life, agreed to Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump sit. She vaguely knew that the money given by the United States Unitid went to Zhen Yilong. out father s door, is running into a heavy Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump rain, he was too lazy to turn back from the elderly to take an umbrella, simply Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump Oracle Database 1Z0-061 rain any body will 1Z0-061 Brain Dump pour a wet, he did not believe this so called acid rain, there is so much power, he To act as a top hero against acid rain. Long term temporary workers broken pot broken timid surprisingly large inserted Will the director, can drug trafficking, open brothels it Jia Cheng loudly replied without thinking can Pause to scorn, you have Oracle Database 1Z0-061 Brain Dump this ability, Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump but also sitting in this broken temple dry what Then promulgated a monthly salary, leave system and division of labor, Xiaoqianzizhang continued account management, run the business, the new female accountant caretaker and cashier, and the other two workers with disabilities and cowboy son out with his sweat.

Xiao Qin Zi heard 1Z0-061 Brain Dump there Yang Zhigang arrival, suddenly felt a while fainted, almost crooked down from Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump the chair. Xiao Qin act unfairly, show son blurted out, he is not like that.She remembered the death ghost cream, any show is dull, her enjoyment of perceived serious degradation. She hates butter, Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump butter cream wife, but even more hate her husband, finally sum it Oracle Database 1Z0-061 up or hate themselves. Today is an opening.We are lucky to have Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump a map.All the tea charges will be waived today.Several people are vying to say that Jia Cheng is Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump a benefactor and we must be kind. She is diligent man, immediately Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals picked up Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump a trotter from the plate, to take good hands into the tweezers, slow words slowly, I to milling, your eyes are not good.

You take care. Li Wei was still motionless in bed. I don t want to go to your shit 1Z0-061 Brain Dump clinic, you come Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals quickly, I Oracle Database 1Z0-061 am waiting for you in the ballroom. He said that I believe in my aesthetics. Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump Sure enough, the printing factory has closed the door, the seals crossed, and a notice of suspension was suspended high. t down book Offline Book Network Chapter 25 The golden road to wealth 1 The hometown is Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump snobbish, it laughs poorly and Oracle 1Z0-061 Brain Dump does not smile. She stood up with this Enron smile and said easily Miss Hua, I decided to resign

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